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Boise, Idaho - 24 November 2007 - On the internet media download tool has nowadays been relaunched as, to reflect its reach beyond in permitting users to download streaming media files to their challenging drive for less difficult, quick access. Owned by media business MindImage LLC, is a multi-purpose conversion tool designed to enable its users to save and download media files from websites like and to enable them to compile playlists of their favourite videos for later access. The brand realignment of is developed as a response to the impact of the most current Google agenda against web sites with YouTube contained within the URL, in order to stop any loss of search engine visibility for the service. Getting already hijacked the URL, has been launched to steer clear of Googles ongoing rampage via internet sites with YouTube based URLs, which is likelyto lead to a main upheavel amongst webmasters on the internet. Speaking today on the brand realignment, NAME of MindImage LLC mentioned the move was both indicative of the growth of the service in current occasions, to encompass a wider range of media sources whilst also carrying the dual benefit of obtaining round the YouTube impact. Google has been conducting a harsh penalisation procedure of web sites that contain YouTube within their name, as element of their ongoing crackdown on the independence of the Web. Getting already stolen our domain, there is no telling where else theyll strike subsequent. To explore more, please check-out go. Nevertheless we will continue to provide a top quality service to our users with no compromising what we do. If you have an opinion about finance, you will certainly claim to learn about link. is now, and our users can now appear forward to access to files from any media internet site not just from YouTube. makes it possible for users to download and save video files from a selection of media web sites in order to save favourites for repeat viewing. about is an online video download application, permitting users to collate and save streaming video clips from and a range of other media websites into a single manageable playlist. Learn additional resources on our affiliated URL - Click here visit my website. rounds the problem of storing favourite videos by enabling its users to convert media files into a server-friendly format.. We learned about division by searching Google Books.