The google drive (press the image above) is the first port of call for any medical student beginning a new module. With fairly comprehensive module notes, past exam papers, and suggested answers, this resource, kindly produced by current and past medical students of the CGCM course, cannot be overlooked.

Several survival guides have been produced to give a helping hand when needed:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4

1440825772_globeCreated by Dr Christiane Riedinger, a recently graduated CGCM student, Dr Cee's repository (press globe above) is another excellent resource for all Cambridge medical students. As well as comprehensive notes on each course throughout the entire CGCM programme, Dr Cee provides sound advice on textbooks, teaching structures, and general advice on how to approach each placement.


Pressing the wiki icon above will download a template to allow you to produce your own disease pages for the wiki!