Year 4 Elective



As just reward for finishing your first big clinical exams at the end of year 3, you'll have the chance to go on a 9 week elective. For many, the medical elective is the most exciting part of the entire medical degree. It affords opportunity to experience medicine in countries where things are done slightly differently, to do some research in a field of interest, and to enjoy a sense of freedom before the reality of finals takes hold in the 4th year. To give current (and prospective) students some ideas of what can be achieved in the elective period, we've compiled a list of elective reports from previous students. (Please note that these elective reports are from the current course structure (2016), in which the elective period was just 5 weeks. The clinical course has been restructured and so, from 2017, the elective period will now be 9 weeks long).